Apartments for Western Michigan University Students

Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo offers great living accommodations for Western Michigan University students with all the amenities for comfort and security. Our apartments are affordable, so students can live close to campus without stressing their already tight budgets. Tenants will also get the benefit of having responsive staff on site to ensure that any issues are handled in a timely manner. In today’s post, we will discuss the many benefits of living in Bronco Apartments as a Western Michigan University student.

Safety and Security in Your Kalamazoo Apartment

When you sign a lease to rent an apartment, you are entrusting your safety and security to your landlord. At Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo, we take extra measures to ensure that your building is secure for your peace of mind. Every building on our campus features controlled access and a security system, so only residents of the building can enter or allow others to enter. This keeps people from entering freely and compromising your safety. You can focus on your studies without worrying about unwanted people accessing your building whenever they want.

Responsive Management and Maintenance Team

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex where it could be days before maintenance responds to your service request? Not only is it frustrating to be in limbo waiting for a response, but the inconvenience of a dishwasher, furnace, water heater, or other appliance not working can be a real hassle. At Bronco Apartments, we have a property manager and maintenance on site, so we can respond to any of your maintenance requests quickly to keep your apartment in top shape. We are also available 24 hours a day for emergencies to keep your hot water, heat, and electricity functioning properly. When you rent from Bronco Apartments, you won’t have to walk around draped in blankets to stay warm. We’ll make sure your heating works on the coldest days and your cooling works on the hottest.

Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo are dedicated to providing safe, comfortable living accommodations for Western Michigan University students. Get the comfort of home and a responsive team who will address any of your maintenance requests quickly, so you can stay focused on your studies. We currently have units available for six month and twelve month leases, so contact us for more information about these units before they are gone. We look forward to hearing from you.