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From updates about our properties to tips for college students, you can find all the latest news about our student apartments in Kalamazoo here. Bronco Apartments knows that moving into a new space can sometimes be intimidating, especially for those who have never lived in apartments before, so we provide informative and helpful articles that can hopefully make that process a little easier for our potential residents. Updates about each of our properties can be found under one place here, so whether you live in Bronco Apartments or Roe St. and Redner Ave. Apartments, make sure to check out this blog frequently to keep up with all our latest posts! If, after reading an article, you would like to learn more, reach out to us on our contact page!


Find Convenient Housing With Our Apartments for Rent in Kalamazoo

If you are looking for affordable and convenient student housing in Kalamazoo, there is no better option than the properties for rent from Bronco Apartments. Whether you are a student looking for a place to live near one of the many colleges in Kalamazoo, or are looking for affordable housing in Southwest Michigan, our properties in Kalamazoo offer some of the best housing in the area.

Find Great Student Housing in Kalamazoo With Bronco Apartments

Finding affordable and convenient student housing is one of the many challenges students face when they head off to college. For most students looking to live off campus, finding an apartment unit with good amenities in a secure building can seem like a challenging task.


Student Apartments in Kalamazoo with Convenient Amenities

Whether you are a new student looking for housing this fall, or a returning student looking for off campus housing, finding housing with all the features you need to live comfortably. Offering a wide range of amenities, Bronco Apartments can provide students with the ideal housing that they need to complete their college education.

Units Available

Plan Your Fall Student Housing Ahead of Time with Bronco Apartments

Spring classes may have already ended, but if you haven’t figured out where you’re going to stay come fall, then now is the best time to plan for the upcoming school year.

Bronco Apartments

Summer Semester Housing in Kalamazoo with Bronco Apartments

Choosing a place to stay in the summer can be difficult when you’re a college student in the summer semester. With dorms either shutting down for the break or limited to a couple of buildings its important that you can still find a place to stay that’s close to campus. 

Student Apartments Available for Rent in Kalamazoo

Looking for apartments for rent in Kalamazoo? If you’re a student at one of the local colleges, Bronco Apartments has got exactly what you’re looking for.

California West

We Have Apartments in Kalamazoo Available

Bronco Apartments has great apartments available to rent in Kalamazoo. Whether you are a college student looking for a place of your own or a young couple looking for your first living space, we have two-bedroom apartments available that are ideally located near local schools and businesses.

University Village

Convenient Kalamazoo Apartments with the Amenities You Want

For young couples or college students looking for great apartments to rent in Kalamazoo, Bronco Apartments are a great option. Located near all the local colleges, these apartments offer a great living space.

Apartments for Western Michigan University Students

Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo offers great living accommodations for Western Michigan University students with all the amenities for comfort and security.

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Tips to Prepare for Winter in Your Kalamazoo Apartment

For those of you who have always lived in Michigan, you probably know how to prepare for the impending winter season.


Great Housing for Students in Kalamazoo

Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo offers great affordable apartments for college students at nearby WMU, KVCC, Davenport, and K College.


Kalamazoo Apartments with Great Amenities

If you are looking for great apartments with great amenities then Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo and Roe Street and Redner Avenue Apartments in Battle Creek are great options.

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