Find Great Student Housing With Bronco Apartments

For many students, finding the best place to stay while attending classes can prove to be something of a challenge. On campus dorms can create a cramped living experience and can be quite restrictive if you are attending classes into the summer. Offering comfortable and convenient housing options that help to create some of the best student living experiences possible, when you are looking for a place to call home while you are attending classes, here’s why you should consider the student apartments in Kalamazoo from Bronco Apartments.

Student Apartments That Give You the Freedom to Explore Kalamazoo

Not all of your time pursuing higher education has to be spent either in class or at your apartment. When you choose Bronco Apartments for your student housing, not only are you choosing apartments that are close to Western Michigan University, but you are also choosing a housing option that gives you the freedom to explore all that Kalamazoo has to offer. Featuring both on-site parking, as well as a nearby bus stop, students will easily be able to access to their school’s campuses, as well as downtown Kalamazoo, helping to provide students with the opportunity to try all of Kalamazoo’s local favorites in dining and entertainment.

Pet Friendly Apartments that let You Take Your Best Friend With You

One of the hardest things about college can be having to say goodbye to your favorite pet, and it can be even harder when you aren’t heading home to see them at the end of the semester. With the pet friendly apartments for rent from Bronco Apartments, you can take your furry friend with you as you pursue your higher education. With a one-time pet deposit and a small monthly fee, whether you’re looking to bring your favorite cat, dog, fish, or lizard, you’ll be able to enjoy the company that your animal companion can provide, helping to make your apartment feel more like home.

Giving students access to all that Kalamazoo has to offer, when you are looking for some of the best summer semester housing, and even letting you take your furry friend with you to keep you company while you study, you can enjoy the freedom and comfort that our apartment units can provide. Browse our available properties online or contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from choosing Bronco Apartments for your student housing.