Summer Semester Housing in Kalamazoo with Bronco Apartments

Choosing a place to stay in the summer can be difficult when you’re a college student in the summer semester. With dorms either shutting down for the break or limited to a couple of buildings its important that you can still find a place to stay that’s close to campus.  If you’re looking for student housing in Kalamazoo for the summer semester, Bronco Apartments is here to help. Whether its just one or two summer courses, or you’re just planning on staying in town for the summer, Bronco Apartments has student housing available for rent.

Never Too Far from Campus, Never too Far From Summer Activities

Living in an apartment near campus for the summer doesn’t have to mean it’ll be the only place you visit. It’s important to get out regularly, and with Bronco Apartments, you’ll never be too far from local activities. Our student apartments in Kalamazoo and battle creek are close to many local restaurants, bars, entertainment, and more. With parking and bust stop access, coupled with apartment security systems, it won’t be hard to get out of your apartment to enjoy what the cities have to offer. You won’t be far from summer activities.

Your Home for the Summer, Not Just Your House

Summer student housing doesn’t just have to be a place where you keep your school supplies, especially if you plan to live near campus for more than just the summer semester, and that’s why its important to make sure your housing feels like home. Bronco Apartments come fully equipped to make sure your stay is comfortable. With access to community laundry facilities, multiple bedrooms, generously sized living rooms and a fully equipped kitchen, Bronco Apartments make the perfect home for students living away from home. If like many you have a pet waiting for you back home who you miss while at school, Bronco Apartments has an answer. Being pet-friendly, our student apartments will let you take yours to live with you. You won’t have to spend weeks or months away from your animal companion when they’re welcome to stay with you.

With units becoming available for rent in the summer, Bronco Apartments in Kalamazoo will make an excellent choice for any student looking for housing in the summer. Contact us today for more information on our currently available units or fill out an application for a lease today!

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